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United States Dungmoney
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1.6% daily for 100 days
Received: 0%
Last Paid: No Payout
Monitored: 8 days
Minimum: $10
Maximum: $500
Withdrawal: Manual
Ref.Comm: 0.7%%
Added On: Dec 5th, 2018
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 Program Description 

We are a team of independent entrepreneurs from Australia. This state has developed agriculture and farming. A large amount of dung is accumulated on the farms. Farmers are ready to pay money to the one who will take out this dung. Dung is an excellent fertilizer for plants. Planters are ready to pay money for this fertilizer. We rent vehicles. Farmers pay us money. We're taking their dung to the planters. Planters pay us money. Double profit! To get more profit we need working capital to rent a vehicle. We invite you to become our investors. And together we will be able to widely develop the business! The minimum and maximum available amounts of the deposit, the percentage of profit of the investor, as well as the investment period are determined by the terms of the investment plan. At the initial stage, we offer modest conditions: 1.6% daily for 100 days! Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%) Starting $10.00 - $500.00 160.00 Our first level referral bonuses: Name From To Commision (%) Level A 1 and more 0.7 We accept PerfectMoney and PAYEER. The Deposit is included in payments. All payments are made to your account Daily. Withdrawals are made manually within 24 hours. Minimum payout amount $0.5 You can have only one active deposit. Along with the development of the business, our website and our online investment system will also develop. Money does not smell!

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